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Meaningful change through intentional actions.

Helping individuals and organizations create a life by design, and not just live a life by default by becoming the leaders they are meant to be... for today and the future!

Have you ever felt                                      or just had an overall sense of not truly knowing what you are meant to do, who you are meant to be or why you & your story even matter                                        ?

Have you ever felt like your life had little or no direction or purpose other than just “going through the motions”? I can relate, and I believe most of us have been there at one time or another, and the good news is that


Have you ever felt                                             or just had an overall sense of not truly knowing what you are meant to do, who you are meant to be or why you & your story even matter                                                 ?

Have you ever felt like your life had little or no direction or purpose other than just “going through the motions”? I can relate, and I believe most of us have been there at one time or another, and the good news is that:

confused, lost, stuck,

(YES...specifically YOU)

you aren’t alone, and you don’t have to stay there

Confused, lost, stuck or any combination of those three... not a very comfortable place to be and definitely no way to live your life. Feeling this way has the potential to wreak massive havoc on not only our daily lives, but so many other areas (relationships, finances, business, health and the list goes on). These feelings are shaped by basically two things which exist in our minds: 1. The perception we allow to be created of where we currently are and what’s going on in our lives at that moment, and more importantly 2. The lack of alignment with and clarity of our core purpose.

But the beautiful and ironic paradigm is that although these feelings can seriously mess with our lives, each and every one of us has the power within to harness that energy, discover and leverage our stories, and create that impactful message to share with the world!

In order to filter through all of that, it takes intent, focus, purpose and practice...

And helping others with that process is what drives me and allows me to thrive today! It took me a long time to figure out how to create the powerful foundation that must be built and once it is, that foundation serves as a launchpad for massive greatness to be unleashed in our lives (in whatever context that is for each individual).

With the right mindset & perspective, our experiences shape our stories and truly give our lives meaning. My desire is to help as many people as I can use these life experiences as steppingstones towards fulfillment instead of campgrounds of emptiness.

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RESPONSIBILITY TO professionalism

responsibility to practice & performance

responsibility to clients

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- Bruce Serbin, 8 Time Award Winning Publicist

Dr. Mike Smith is the real deal when it comes to leadership expertise. I’ve
watched him speak on stage and be interviewed many times on television, and he offers real-world perspective and solid advice from his time in the military and as a top executive coach. He’s smart and relatable, and he’s definitely someone you want in your corner whether you’re trying to grow your business or navigate difficult times. What’s even better is in addition to his knowledge and insights into leadership, he’s also one of the nicest, humble and most down to earth people you’ll ever meet.

- M. Jong, COO

Since beginning my work with Dr Mike, I continue to find great benefits in
both my professional and personal life. Since day one, his ability to genuinely
connect and personalize our conversations has made our sessions effective and impactful. I enjoy the thought-provoking process and guidance to help craft a personalized experience that is easily applied in all leadership settings.

- Steven J. Palazzo, PHd, RN, CNE, ANEF

Discover the transformative power of a personalized approach with doctor Mike Smith, your executive coach. Dr. Smith's expertise in leadership development and emotional intelligence is tailored specifically to you. In the realm of nursing academia, his guidance elevates your unique strengths, fostering your growth and success. Unleash your leadership potential with Dr. Smith's personalized coaching and watch your career soar to new heights.


Dr. Mike Smith is a truly incredible coach! His entire process is tailor-made for the individual. Though Mike has never served as a pastor of a large congregation, I found him to be amazingly adept at providing guidance in a field not his own. His principles of mental toughness and focus on core purpose are so fundamental to all forms of leadership, which helped me excel in my responsibilities and grow our church to the next level.

JOHN MATTONE, WORLD's #1 executive coach (2019 through 2024)

Dr. Mike Smith is without question one of the world's top executive coaches and speakers. Dr. Mike, or Doc as we know and love him, has a massive heart, incredible passion to make a real difference in his clients' lives, and he combines these amazing attributes with deep authenticity, high intellect, and a dynamic and engaging personality. The result? A great coach, teacher, leader, and person!

- Mary Engh, Co-Owner Virtually Yours Agency

The Lord knew I needed Dr. Mike and his mentorship, coaching, and friendship in my life. He truly takes the time to cultivate an intentional relationship, something I haven't experienced from many coaches. His wisdom is thought-provoking, and because of his discerning spirit, he knows how to create a safe space that incorporates both grace and truth into his conversations. I always leave our time feeling understood and challenged. His care extends far beyond our weekly standing sessions. You can feel his care on your life.

- Jimmy farris, nfl super bowl champion

Dr. Mike Smith's book is a deep dive into the important issue of societal acceptance, what it is, how and why it impacts quality of life, and how we can break free. Dr. Mike draws his conclusions from research, not simply theory or opinion. This book is an important read for anyone struggling with acceptance, particularly veterans and former service members struggling to transition back into civilian life. Erasing the line in the sand is an easy, enjoyable read. Kudos to Dr. Mike for this excellent book!

- fireman rob verhelst, guinness book of world record holder

As a firefighter who has experienced the heart-pounding traumas of saving lives, and as someone grappling with PTSD, "Erasing the Line in the Sand" by Dr. Mike Smith struck a deep chord in me. Smith’s exploration of societal acceptance, especially in the context of veterans transitioning into civilian roles, resonated with my own struggles of finding belonging after trauma. The psychological effects of perceived acceptance or its lack, as laid out by Dr. Smith, are enlightening and invaluable. 

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Because leadership coaching is such a critical part of creating awareness and catapulting growth, while tailoring the journey to each individual or team, Doc has created "TRANSFORM Leadership Coaching - The 4 D's" which is a proven process that combines the art & science of coaching to deliver positive results… every time! The 4 D's of Discover, Dedicate, Develop, and Demonstrate leverage a combination of assessments that are used to increase levels of awareness from a holistic perspective, and that data is used to create a customized & unique roadmap for the client to follow, which allows any leader (current or future) to step into the person they are meant to be!

Leadership Coaching

These programs are based on fundamental elements that affect every person, either positively or negatively, based on how they perceive those elements. It has been designed to educate individuals or teams on some of the more prevalent psychological barriers, as well as the strategies to raise their level of conscious awareness to recognize and overcome those barriers which inhibit performance. The main objective of these programs are to help each person clearly identify his or her own unique core purpose & create aligned goals so that they can harness potential, amplify critical thinking, and earn phenomenal results in any area of life!

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Signature Topic : Protect Your PATCH - The Keys to Creating a Legacy Inspired Culture

The Protect Your PATCH keynote is full of gripping stories and impactful, real life lessons learned from Dr. Mike's time as a 1st Sergeant on the world renowned USAF Thunderbirds. Dr. Mike also pulls from his experiences of transforming culture as a senior corporate leader while at Berkshire Hathaway Energy. This engaging and entertaining session focuses on what it means to get back to basics and redefine your culture to recreate your legacy.

All keynotes are tailored to the customer so that the speech is impactful, meaningful and relevant to the audience. 

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Amazon #1 Best Seller in 4 categories! Available now!

The line in the sand... we’ve all heard the cliché saying “Draw a line in the sand” which portrays the point that an individual will not go past or placing a limit on what someone will accept or do. In many ways, societal acceptance (the need for belonging, approval addiction or whatever name you attach to it) can have the same effect when an individual feels like they are excluded versus included. This book dives a little deeper into societal acceptance, more specifically among veterans who are transitioning into a civilian job after military retirement, and looks at how an individual perceives the level of acceptance they are experiencing (or not) can impact their lives. The bottom line to societal acceptance is that the phenomenon truly exists and is rooted in both theory and research, and it is my true hope that this book provides valuable data and a unique perspective on how we can navigate this on an individual level as well as support those veterans who retire and still have so much value to contribute to society.

Helping individuals and organizations become the leaders they are meant to be... for today and the future.

My purpose is simple.

Mike enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1983 and served for 26 years. During the course of his career, Mike held numerous leadership positions to include Air Education & Training Command (AETC) Headquarters Staff, Contracting Superintendent, several base Honor Guard teams providing Major Command Flight Chief, led military honors to fallen comrades, and later became a First Sergeant.

At the height of his career, Mike was selected to serve as the First Sergeant of the elite USAF Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron, where he traveled around the world representing the men and women of the Air Force through airshows, community visits, and speaking at events.

After retiring from active duty, Mike transitioned into the civilian sector where he became a corporate leader in a Berkshire Hathaway Energy company working for Warren Buffet and Greg Able. In that role he provided leadership, mentorship and guidance to company employees at all levels, including senior corporate leaders.

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To make a positive social impact globally by partnering with individuals and organizations to create increased levels of self-awareness that speaks to & touches everyone in an impactful and unique way.


Provide top-notch education utilizing current & relevant content that is tailored to each specific audience. This content is delivered in an engaging and entertaining way through keynotes, masterminds, seminars, retreats, workshops and individual or small group coaching. 


Meaningful change through intentional actions.


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